Ninja charge not affected by very fast tournament

Hello; title says it all. Ninjas charges arent loading ´very fast’ in the tournament, it’s still the same speed.

First stage of the Ninja special is 5 tiles, so you want to say that the first stage still charges with 5 tiles and not 6,5?

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This is not a bug.
The Ninjas are meant to work the same way in Very fast tournaments and wars as they behave in other areas.

And as @ll2000sr wrote their first charge is aready faster than Very fast.

ninjas should be banned in war

What makes you say that?

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Would this not be a bug though? The rules say “ALL heroes’ speed is set to very fast”. So shouldn’t Ninjas be set slower to very fast?

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for it is not a realistic balance of power between those who have ninjas and those who do not. because I don’t believe that someone who doesn’t buy gems got a ninja to pull

Why stop there?

Let’s make it so wars can only be heroes from Season 1. No costumes either.

That would be fun right?

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Ninjas have charges, not speeds - 5 tiles regardless I thought?

My disagreement is with your premise that ninjas are particularly strong defenders. I find them unreliable and generally easy to work around. If they fire in their first charge they generally suck. If they fire on their second charge they’re quite good. And if you let them fire after their third charge they hit really hard, but exactly as hard as they should considering that they are the slowest heroes in the game


Let’s make it so wars can only be heroes from Season 1. No costumes either.

That would be fun right?

I agree with you…

If you let Alfrike or Owl fire they are devastating as well (arguably even more so), and fire sooner than ninja charge 3 by an even wider margin than slow vs Vslow. I don’t see many calls to nerf Owl, however.

Alfrike and Owl are monsters in VFast tourneys and wars due to the accelerated mana, but ninja heroes don’t even benefit there.

More word play, eh?

Undispellable? How about remove then. Don’t want to change speed? Call it charge then.

But if that is the intention then not a bug.


This is from the rush attack war just gone:

Image 1 you can see garnet with 0 mana. No matches have been made in yellow so far. There is the red diamond in the RH corner ready to be made.

Image 2 shows AFTER said red diamond was made. You can see that for 5 tiles, there isn’t a full charge on Garnet… If ninjas were unaffected by the Rush Attack war, she would be at 1x charge.


Looks perfectly normal to me. I don’t own a ninja but logically they would be worse in this tournament than any other hero. ‘Mana speed for ALL heroes is set to Very Fast in this alliance war’.

I don’t see why they should get special treatment. They are quite awesome in most other game modes. Each mana bar is separate so to reach 3 full bars now you would need 19,5 mana instead of 15. You probably had a mana troop on that ninja, that looks closer to maybe 5,65. Mana troop 23-28?

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