Ninja Changing when they Fire Special Skill -- Gone from 2x & Holding for 3x to "S" with no mana change

If you check some of the videos above, the UI does change. It’s just it changes then fires instantly so it’s not easy to screenshot.

Ninjas are the spoiled brats of E&P. They can do as they like, whenever they feel like it, disregard all the rules that aply to the other heroes, dodge tiles and specials, counterattack without special skillls being active, use their specials erratically… it’s like they’re patched here from another game…

Yeah, I also think it works as intended.

But as you can see from the bug reports of even well-informed players like @Aquaginera_7DD and @Dice87 (or the multiple posts complaining about Garnet tanks firing too often at charge 1) this is not widely known. And none of the posts describing how ninjas work seem to incorporate it.

I also agree that the UI should indicate whether the ninja is going to fire. As it is now, I can at best guess. But it could potentially change how I move tiles or use specials if I would know whether a ninja is going to fire after a special hit.

@Guvnor can you please point me to the UI change you mean. I don’t see a UI change when a special gets a ninja into “fire immediately” territory (only after I move tiles right before the special procs).

Double checked the vid and couldn’t spot one. My mistake.

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Thanks for confirming.

@Petri it would be great if the UI would change to “S” if a ninja will fire the next turn after a special hit. Is this possible?

That may even happen, but it’s still a UX blunder. As @YaraEuP says, it should change at the point the logic changes (and I actually do understand it’s as soon as that hero has a turn, but that doesn’t help from a UX perspective), which should be after damage is inflicted.

The issue there is that may slow the game in a meaningful way (especially for titans and challenge/tower). In which case we’ll just have to deal with it.

I’ve been testing this issue and came to this conclusion:

Ninja heroes will “work as intended” or better said “as described” when their health isn’t low. They fill fire randomly at tier one, two or three.

However: when a Ninja Hero reaches low health, they will fire at the next possible moment meaning something is overriding the hold on the charge and making sure the hero gets its special fired before death.

Also, when a Ninja Hero is at low health, it is impossible to get it charged to charge level 3, because the hero will fire EVERY time (this can be reproduced) at charge level 1.

@Petri This looks to me like the “bug that wasn’t a bug” regarding the issue with Mitsukos special and Cobalt (and all the rangers with it). Please fix it or clarify; a short sentence like “it’s working as intended” (again!) won’t make it, because players don’t know whether they should spend their money on ninja heroes (because this extra feature is awesome) or if this “feature” will be nerfed away soon.

@Guvnor If there is something I am missing, please let me know. But since the ninja tower event will start today I would be happy to get some more specific clarification as soon as possible. If there is some.

I’m just a player. All I can put forward is my hypothesis on it which is:

QA confirmed that it is working as intended so I wouldn’t expect it to be “nerfed away” as you put it.

I had this scenario and I was absolutely sure my eyes were seeing a “2” when Garnet shoot her special. I understand this is a mechanic working as intended related to ninja heroes having low health.

But PLEASE ninja heroes should NEVER fire off their special if a number 2 is visible while is their turn to play! That misinformation!

I would expect the following behaivour

  • Ninja hero has a 2 counter.
  • I hit the ninja hero, dropping his/her HP low. While receiving damage, the counter switches to S.
  • On their turn ninja hero fires special


  • Ninja hero has a 2 counter.
  • I hit the ninja hero, dropping his/her HP low.
  • On their turn ninja hero doesn’t attack (counter 2) but the counter switches to S.
  • I make my next move

Interesting thread. I thought I was seeing things until I figured it might be a bug…

I’ve noticed the following behavior a few times:

  1. Cobalt is partially charged, but beyond 1x.
  2. He is a threat so I hit him with Seshat.
  3. He immediately changes to (s), ready to fire.

At first I thought he was gaining mana somehow, but none of the troops or card info say anything about that. I wrote it off as my imagination.

  1. Cobalt is partially charged but past 1x.
  2. Hit with Hel’s mana block.
  3. Hit with Seshat.
  4. changed to (s), ready to fire.

Huh? Befuddled, I go searching the #bugs-issues for similar problems.

And here it is. Working as intended. If I look closely at my screenshot, I now notice that Cobalt didn’t gain mana, but decided to fire the special at level 1 instead of waiting to gain enough for level 2.

Why write this long post confirming a behavior that is apparently fine as is? I think it should be explained on the card. Maybe a little (i) next to the ninja mana speed.

Not everyone is on the forum.
Not everyone on the forum reads every thread.

Displaying this information somewhere prominent would be useful to all players.

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