Ninja Changing when they Fire Special Skill -- Gone from 2x & Holding for 3x to "S" with no mana change

Why did Garnet suddenly activate her charge x2 after 2d usage of Proteus? She was going to gain mana on charge x3 before and there was no sign “S”! Is it a bug?


The Ninja troops have embeded in their code under AI control (on defence) to “sometimes hold charge to higher levels”

Meaning that they will sometimes hold their charge to fire at 2x or 3x rather than inta-firing at 1x all the time.

From the looks of things, Garnet was meant to hold until 3x charge…

At a guess, I would say that MAYBE (in an attempt to be more human-like) there is a “failsafe” or “emergency” trigger, where if the HP is low, it over-rides the pre-determined charge level & simply fires if available when under “Low HP” condition…

BUT I’m not staff or QA so that’s just my guess.


An alternate explanation is that, maybe, there is some kind of “timer” where if they are stuck on a certain charge level for too many turns, it over-rides the pre-set “firing charge” and just fires away…?

Garnet below 50% hp will automatically trigger kill (IMO)

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Tried searching for similar topics / bug reports but couldn’t find any.

I luckily recorded my raid as I stumbled across something odd. When fighting Garnet, I blocked her mana gain with Hel when Garnet was at tier 2. To my knowledge, ninja heroes can randomly hold their special to tier 2 or 3 when on defense. But the decision about whether they fire or not is always made in the next turn after reaching tier 1, 2 or 3. So once they reached e.g. tier 1 and AI decided to not fire their tier 1 special, there is no chance for them to fire their tier 1 special in a later turn. Can someone confirm?

I happened to record the opposite:

At 0:22 you can see that Garnet is charged at tier 2 and their slash attacks go off. However, AI decided to not fire Garnet’s tier 2 special and hold it.

At 0:29, Garnet is obviously holding her tier 2 special again because AI decided in the turn before to not fire her tier 2 special. I block her further mana gain with Hel’s special, assuming that her tier 2 special will not fire.

At 0:44, Garnet is still at tier 2, has her mana blocked but fires her special.

Is this behavior intended? To my current knowledge I’d say it’s a bug. But I’m happy to hear other opinions or insights. :slight_smile: @Guvnor


I’ve seen ninjas change their charge goal when mana drained; I’ve heard at least 2 reports of it happening on block as well, but haven’t checked myself (and I take Proteus a lot; just need to watch!).

I suspect it’s working as designed, although with a twist that it simply rerolls the goal. So it may or may not change, and so may or may not fire.

SGG really, really loves their RNG.

Personally, I’ve seen them fire randomly. For example, I would look and see that they reach Tier 1, and aren’t firing their special (mana is still flashing with no S indicating that they will fire), then all of a sudden the next turn it changes to S and they fire without reaching Tier 2.

Don’t know about intended my thoughts here:

I noted it in a tournament fight a bit ago & asked if QA could look into it. Never heard back so will follow-up now.


Hi, this has been confirmed to be working as intended. I hope this helps!


Hi @Petri,

Can you confirm what the reason is for the changing from “holding to a higher charge” to “OMG MUST FIRE NOW”…?

Is it indeed linked to “Low HP”?


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I have searched around and it seems all descriptions how the ninjas fire on defense are incomplete. They seem to not only fire randomly at charge points, but also between charge points when HP gets low (this can even happen with a mana block or mana steal). Has anyone figured out the exact mechanics of this?

I think you just described them.

I’d say I have sketched my current understanding. Do they always fire at a certain HP level? Or does the chance to fire simply increase as HP level goes down? I have no idea. Would be great if someone could fill in the details.

More motivation why I want to understand this below

The ninjas were and arguably still are underestimated in defense (as witnessed amongst other by some comments in the thread Ninja heroes, how does work in defense? I originally posted to). One reason is that many people still believe that they fire randomly. A Garnet tank seems to always heal when HP is low. A Onyx or Cobalt corner will immediately fire back if you try to sniper, but the ninja survives. To increase my chances of winning, I’d like to better understand this.

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The devs won’t tell us anything, as usual. And we’ve only realized that their statement of it being random isn’t entirely true. [edit - it is, but there are some special triggers, and that’s what you’re asking about]

So someone has to test. But there’s so few out there right now it’s difficult. I suspect it will be easier after a couple more iterations.

@YaraEuP, @Dice87 & @Zathrus

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question or shares the same topic/idea that your thread does.

See my above comments for the hypothesis & Petri’s response confirming it is working as intended.

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Just had a Fight against A Garnet Tank and when her Spezcial fires, there appears no S so i was a little bit surprised.

Ninjas seem to also fire when HP is low (without showing the “S”). This is reproducible. I have tested this for Garnet and Mika (even with Hel mana block), and corner Cobalt. I have a question around this topic here: Ninja Changing when they Fire Special Skill -- Gone from 2x & Holding for 3x to "S" with no mana change

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Agree, and I saw Petri’s response… but there’s no detail. And as the reflection fiasco showed, sometimes things are working differently than intended, but we have to ferret them out.

I actually do think the behavior is exactly as intended… the one small bug would be related to the bar not changing to indicate the ninja has changed tactics and will fire. Likely because the UI doesn’t update the bar at the right time, but maybe that should be fixed.

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