Nine Realms of Asgard are recruiting

Nine Realms of Asgard are recruiting, we are an international alliance currently of 23 players - with 3 players in the 70s, 2 in the 60s, 3 in the 50s, 5 in the 40s, 9 in the 30s, and one newbie. We welcome players from all levels and we play because we enjoy the game.

Wars are optional but if in please use all your war flags, we have a co-ordinated tank approach that rotates after several rounds.
Titans we ask if you are online please attack and use those flags currently we are around 8*/9* titans. Help us get to 10+ titans!
We chat in the app and via an optional Line group.
We’ve supported our team so that all the players have completed the Titan POV challenge, we don’t leave members behind.

So if you are an experienced player that is missing the fun part because of the grind and your teammates not understanding it’s a game not a way of life, then join us and find the no pressure enjoyment you once had.
For medium level players, we can help support and develop your skills.
Newbies, we all started where you are now :slight_smile:

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