Nightridaz Reborn Is Looking For Additional Members!

Nightridaz Reborn very recently split off from another Alliance whose leader stopped playing the game and did not transfer leadership over to another player. So, we formed Nightridaz Reborn. We are looking for additional members to add to our team. We have 14 members and are currently hitting 6 and 7 star titans. All skill levels are welcome, but there is an 800 trophy level requirement. We are a friendly bunch that just asks that you do your best, and we recognize that real life ALWAYS comes first. No pressure, but please try to hit the titans on a daily basis and try to use all War flags (War is optional). We use the LINE application to communicate. Joining the LINE group is strongly encouraged, but not a requirement. If you think you might be interested in joining our Alliance, please respond back to me, or contact the Alliance leader on LINE. His LINE ID is beavisandbutthead2. And yes, he realizes his LINE ID is a dumb name (he’s been told that many times!). Please consider joining us!!

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