NIGHT WHISPERS! 130k alliance! 1 spot!



We’re a 125k alliance, 9/10* titans on the daily.

We’re looking to add TWO new friends.

  • friendly! It’s a cliche, I don’t care. We enjoy each other’s company.
    -3400+ team power and a reasonable bench for AW
    -daily titan hits.
    -aw participant. We have some people coordinating attacks and working to put in the best efforts for war, but as long as you’re burning your flags we’re cool!

Ways to join:
-apply on line (I’m docprofit and @Skylar is lyshorty)
-reply to this thread and show us interest



We’re full but we took on a merc to help with a 10* rare harpy, so if you find yourself interested in a 130k alliance please leave a response here or on line.


We just beat (2) 10* in a row and that makes us pretty happy. Want in on this action? Just want to dip a toe in and see how you like us? Feel free. 2 spots open!


2 spots open. Were fun and friendly, looking for the same. Come on out and find us!


You realize there is a chat room for recruiting ingame?


That chat room is terrible.


You realize this section of the forum is specifically for recruiting? That I go to AR as well when we’re looking? That you bypassed many recruiting messages to find mine?

Why did you post this?


Heyyyyy everyone, I’m bumping this up because we need 1 person.

Find me on Line, reply on here, or apply to alliance!

3500+ TP
AW hitter (at least 4 full teams)
Daily player
Good teammate!