Night levels - Season 2


It doesn’t mention this effect in the night level description but I’m finding that Gunnar’s skill only lasts 1 turn. Don’t know if other buffs are like this


Not only gunnar… all effects of our heroes are during 1 lap only… the negatives effects of boss are during normaly !
Please, correct quickly this bug


Already mentioned by Petri this is as intended…


Would be good to mention this in the description IMHO… it was a surprise to me also. Had no issues completing the stage, but knowing this does change the heroes I want to bring.

On a side note, I love this night stage, brings something new and fresh to the gameplay… would be awesome to see more things like this.

Edit: found the post by @Petri, the description is going to be fixed.

Edit #2. My brain is slow today apparently. Link to the aforementioned post: