Niche uses for underrated heroes

I am really fond of interesting strategic combinations and tactics in this game.

One that comes to my mind is Wilbur and Evelyn. They go great together as you deal serious amount of shared damage, then dispel with eve and remove the damage sharing buff from enemies to kill them one by one with tile damage. Usually two heroes remain standing and you just watch them die holding hands together.

But some heroes are not so apparent with their use, they are usually underrated because their synergy is somewhat niche, like gadeirus. Him, evelyn and elena go great together. Eve heals gadeirus so he can stand alive until full mana and heals and attack-buffs elena until she gets to fire her special.

Any more enjoyable synergies regarding overlooked heroes?

None of those heroes are underrated or overlooked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Triton/Ariel/Wu Kong/Musashi/(Yellow or Blue AoE hero). 3/2 Y/B B/Y I use. Musashi can heal 150 a tile.

X/X/X/Obakan/Cyprian. Usually a 3/2 purple/any. Riposte is underrated. Useful on purple tanks as well.

Sabina/Quintus/Chesh/X/X. Sorc stacking is a thing. 3/2 or 4/1 Purple/any. Works well on multiple yellow flank/wings.


I know they are valuable heroes but if you want mana more and more…kingstone-ariel-alby.


My usual D is Alby Khagan Kunch (costumed LX) and Misandra. It seems to prop up Khagan, and cause a different tempo on heroes charging.

Side note, Khagan and Ariel do not stack but do support a very high mana generation buff uptime and that can work well on raids.

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Anzogh’s underrated but packs a punch when teamed with Falcon and Wilbur!

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Some people really hate Gad…but yes - most of those are well regarded.

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None of those heroes are underrated. Actually Evelyn is one the most wanted and desired heroes of the game

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I think the two biggest niche heroes are the 5* reds Anzogh & Guardian Kong. They are strong color flippers that allow a viable red team (especially mono) against a blue Tank. Another 5* red that does this is Mitsako (sp?) on blue Specials.

Anzogh is definitely underrated. Can’t think of any real “niche” uses for him though. He’s pretty good with defense debuff/attack buff :man_shrugging:t2:
He can be expected to hit for like 400 each enemy, heal each ally for about 400. It’s pretty decent. The most “niche” use I can think of is attacking a team that uses Finley, stacking red with like Ares and Santa or something, it makes anzogh damage/heal pretty good and if Finley is firing at you, your red heroes have a big buff against ice attacks. Finley doesn’t hit that hard anymore. Not sure I would call that niche. Just a nice happenstance when you stack red against Zeline flank and they happen to have Finley and he happens to be alive and firing after your heroes happened to have fired.

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I specifically singled out gadeirus as overlooked, the others are not of course. I liked hearing someone else finds him very useful :slight_smile: i rarely see him getting the credit he deserves

The first line-up: Niche hero bonanza! I liked how they work well together

Second: riposte is incredibly powerful, especially in offense. I use elena, obakan and sumitomo together, they are my only counterattackers. Trial or challrenge bosses, titans. The harder they hit, the harder they fall.

Third: I am not sure about how sorc stacking works

Average heroes wont be ready before the tank goes off. The only way to counter a tank often without a look on the board is to focus on the board or on a specific heroe who’s fast or vfast.

Still the best answer to finley at wing is Mitsuko.

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