Nice First!

My first level 20 Training yard yeilded me 5* Magni! ; ) Very pleased, but noticed he doesn’t cause damage to all enemies?! Is he a good Frontman? (forgot the word for that card)? Lol… Tell me about Magni, if you know please…Tysm


He is great fast sniper and also decent flank at defense position, congratulation :+1: :tada:


Thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


One of the best tc20 heroes. Train him up and use him as tank if you don’t have a better option. I use him next to the tank personally.


Nice pull from TC20. Well done. Get him levelled, put a few emblems on him and you really won’t be disappointed.
Good luck



I’m just going to put the brakes on a second though…

Yes he’s a great flank (not center/tank ideally) but whether or not you should go ahead and max him straight away depends on two things:

  1. How many 4* do you have maxed?
  2. Do you have the materials (1 damascus blade, 1 tome of tactics, 8 warm capes)?

If answer to #1 is less than 3, I’d wait for now.
If answer to #2 is no, then definitely wait until you have the materials…

It takes a long time to max a 5* - if you’d be better served raising a couple more 4’s first for depth then you should do (assuming you have a couple to be raised).

Remember… A 5* stuck at 3.70 is LESS powerful than a maxed 4*


I have MANY 4’s that are copies, plus a few 5’s, that I’m working on. I’ve got Poseidon in the 600’s, Azlar in the 500’s, Jean pierre? Not touched yet…

i have magni’s little brother, his name is Triton +18.

and he lost his brother because magni avoided me. hahaha

if i can get magni, its more fun to double him with triton…

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I got triton, too. Lol… Working on him, still.

Triton is cool has attacked up there with jackal which is kinda missed sometimes. @PapaHeavy show yah triton.
Plus the health bonus is good win win

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You mean this little guy that can cause so much trouble so quickly? …if he’s still alive?


Yep…thats the one!

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