Nice cleanup of dashboard display with version 21.0.0!

Look how neat & tidy the dashboard looks now! I was so inspired that I cleaned up my village :smiley_cat:


My fingers are still automatically hitting the wrong icons on the bottom. I can’t get used to the heroes and alliance icons being in a different position. Makes my brain hurt a little.

Good job on the clean village though!


They cleaned things up so much, on Android we can’t sort our troop inventory.

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Mine is still okay through the barracks though. Is yours working there?

Personally I never look at my troops in my inventory, I tend to do everything through my barracks.

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I don’t have barracks built on android account. Would like to be able to lock new troops, which are highlighted in inventory.

That would be a pain now for sure!

I’m using Android. Inventory & barracks are there.

Inventory working? I’ve never sorted troops there. I just use it to see what new troops I get so I don’t know if it works.

He’s saying he hasnt been able to build a barracks on his android account yet. I’m taking it to mean it’s still a young game for him.

At least I think that’s what he’s saying?

Mine locks okay. I learned something new today.

I’ve never looked at my troops in inventory so I’m not even sure if they’ve been changed.

EDIT: I just checked my inventory and I have to agree that if you only manage your troops through there, it seems counter-productive to have the masses of 1 star troops at the top and need to scrolls all the down to find the 3 and 4 stars!

Can confirm that it changed on iOs in the inventory .
Previously, 4* were first but with new update, 1* are first as shown up here

I don’t think the title reflects our additional comments on the troops. I’ll see if the mods want to start a new thread for the troop discussion because I’m sure there will soon be more players commenting about it, since it’s only recently been changed.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook

it already exists here:

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