Next yellow(holy) project

On my bench I have Vivi(costume available) Justice, Joon, Neith and the wooly lady. Not sure which to to start working on.

In the 5’s Ive got Onatal, Drake, c-Joon, Leonidas, c-Vive, Inari all maxed
In the 4’s Ive got G Jackel +18 and 4-70, lady wooly, Wu,c-Li Xiu,Chao and Gulli all maxed

I also have an other Joon at 3-70

I have 9 darts and 40 balls

I tend to bring two healers to war.

all suggestions who be helpful.

I think Neith suits you best. If you like 2 healer during battle, I’d only bring one C Viv and another…best to utilize the healers specials and double Viv would work with one C Viv and the other Not costumed. That said, 2 slow healers could be useless with a bad yellow board.

Good Luck!


You might consider a second Joon and swapping one of Inari or Leonidas or Onatel out of your holy mono team. For the fun factor, I prefer variety and would go for Neith, since you already have a maxed Joon. If having a second holy healer is very important for you, then I guess it’s Viv. You can level up the second costume for the bonuses, but like @Chadmo said, in use the non-costumed would give other benefits.

the healer are ALWAY different color since I’m trying for a 3-2 attack

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  1. wooly lady - fast healer? max all
  1. if you have 2 x mana troops lvl 17+ go with maxing second joonC
    if not i would go for neith

Onatel and Neith have a fantastic synergy.

Joon is fast so how will mana troop really help him?

just had this discussion on alliance line chat

fast needs 15%

  • costume gives 5%
  • mana 17 gives 11%

makes Joon a bad actor!!!