Next yellow help

Sif, Bai young, devana, or neith (rocc and norns also)

Have white rabbit in my rainbow defense- gm, heimdall, ursena and vela

Other yellow maxed - joon, Rana, melosi, Vivica

Was thinking sif until I pulled devana. I do have skadi and grimble leveled, but it’s still minion crazy…

Any votes/ suggestions appreciated

  • Sif
  • Bai young
  • Devana
  • Neith
  • Rocc
  • Norns

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Joon and malosi are good snipers. Sif will be a better fit.

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How is Malosi a good sniper?

Personal opinion, i think sif if you are lacking defensive heroes. Devana for offense.


A sniper hit one target. He just happened to shut down their skills. Still a sniper that has a much more useful
Move than just the damage.

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For versatility I would go for Devana. If you plan to use the new hero also on defense Sif is however a much better fit.


Thanks everyone for your help/ opinion. It’s as close as I thought.

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