Next yellow & green to build my team best

Purple: Tiburtus 4/43, Sabina 3/36, Okaban 2/60, Cyprian 1/1
Yellow: Delilah 3/70, Wu Kong 2/12, Justice 1/1, (2)Li Xiu 1/1, (2) Chao 1/1, Hu Tao 1/1
Blue: Kiril 4/70, Alasie 1/32, Kiril 1/1, Boril 1/1
Green: Caedmon 4/49, Kadilen 2/27, Jack O’Hare 1/1, Kashhrek 1/1
Red: Scarlett 3/60, Sir Lancelot 3/60, Boldtusk 3/23

My game priorities for now are probably titan damage, events (for completion, not competitively) followed by being useful in wars, then raiding.

I’m short gloves, when they catch up, I have 4* ascension materials for 2 red, one yellow, one blue. (And will probably have a 4th shield for another green before I get the 5th gloves…) They will go in order to Scarlett, Wu or Alasie (depends who is ready), then Boldtusk, I’m thinking.

I’m trying to be working two heroes of each color–one that is low level, getting 1* feeders, working on maxing their special, and one that is higher level, getting 2* feeders (or other high value food), assuming I have enough of that color.

Choice #1: Which yellow next? I’m not going to have items to ascend Delilah anytime soon (3 darts right now). Finishing Wu Kong is my current priority. The next yellow(s) in line could be waiting on items for a while and get stuck at level 60 for an extended time.

I’m thinking Li Xiu or Chao. I’m also thinking that Justice isn’t reasonable to make a priority–It will be months I get items to ascend her, sitting behind Del and Wu for items.

Choice #2: Which green next? Kashhrek is only effective on defense, and to be really useful there I’d need to max him. I’m not sure what Jack is good at…

Kadilen is growing on me, but she’s not my first choice green 5* to max, I’m not sure it makes sense to take her to 3/70 vs taking Kash to 4/70?

I’ve also considered working toward a 4* defense dream team of Kash surrounded by twin Li’s, but it just isn’t much fun to level a new hero for defense–you never actually see them in action!

I guess I have a third choice: Do I level Kiril the second, or Boril? Kiril seems way better, but variety seems valuable too. (Or do I just hang on to capes and wait for Grimm or Sonja?)

Yellow: Wu Wu and oh did I say Wu. Then Chao many people on here don’t think much of him, but I quite like him he’s a solid hero.

Green: I would Level Caedmon first, he’s a staple hero especially where you are at in the game. He will be good for you on atitans, challenge events war etc… his buff removal is critical.

Red: although not your original question Bold Tusk ASAP he can also function as your tank. And one of the games top heros

Blue : Kiril for sure

Purple: Tibs, a defence debuffer is key on any team Titan, Offence and Defence.

I would focus on finishing your key 4* heros before the 5*. You can go pretty far with a solid 4* bench. Also, it gives you time to collect the ascension items you will need for 5*

For yellow, Chao is better. Li is just good for defense teams, and doesn’t really keep on being useful even at that as your opponents improve. Chao is a decent striker and good for events, titans, and raid attacks.

I’d pick Kashhrek over Kaliden personally, but would also keep an eye out for a better green option and be prepared to swap if it comes along.

For the third, if you’re playing alliance wars seriously, then Kiril will be more useful than Boril. Extra healers are valuable there. Boril is surprisingly useful for events against bosses with area attacks if you get the timing right. He’s not as useful as Kiril IMO, but not a waste of resources either.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to take a hero to final ascension for them to be useful for events and rare quests. You can get them up to the point of ascension, 3/60 or 2/60, and then consider your options again before using rare materials. By then you should have played around with them a bit in the levels and have a better idea of their usefulness to your playstyle.

To clarify, Caedmon and Tibs are already well on their way to being maxed, and are priorities. And yes, Wu is my top yellow priority, now that Delilah is waiting on items.

Thus, the Chao vs. Li vs. Justice question. (So far I’m hearing Chao first)

Li’s snipe-all-mana feature seems like it should help against bosses in events, but I haven’t had a chance to see if that is really effective or not.

He’s my second red to ascend after Scarlett. He’s great, but very similar to Kiril (already maxed), and Del is an amazing healer; Scarlett fits my team way better; I’m not going to run three healers! (Was a tough choice between her first, or Lance first)

Uhm, I’ve got Del 3/70, Kiril 4/70, BT (soon to be 3/60), Sabina 3/36, and Belith 3/50 as healers for wars. I’ve pulled healers early and often. Making Kiril the second a priority seems a stretch…

My personal observation is that two healers per attack team are a big help in alliance wars if they’re available, at least when facing 5* heroes. Levelling duplicate healers in a color when I don’t have other heroes to work on is an ongoing, intermittent, and slow process for me.

Blue - Kiril well before Boril. You will find him well more useful. Take him to 3.60, then level Boril to 3.60 assuming you dont get a Grimm, then Sonya. Save capes for Grimm. After Grimm then sonya assuming you get both.

Green- Meh… I would take Jack O’hare up to 3.60 then look at Kash assuming you have not found better options. He has good tile damage and is great for farming. After Caed of course.

Yellow - Wu, then Chao. But realize I do mean Wu to 70 before Delilah to 80.

Red - BT to 70 before anyone other red heroes. He is hands down the best 4* hero. Everyone uses him in Events where they use a red hero. EVERYONE. He is used on almost all titan attacks.

@Paulon, good point about how many healers I want in AW. I do most things with two healers; having extra AW teams that can do that is a great idea. Kiril the second before Boril, both to 3/60 and 4/70 (Unless Grimm or somebody else interesting comes along first.

@Something, Nope, Scarlett before BT. I love two healers, but find running with less than three hitters a bad idea. If I do BT, I’ll have three healers, two hitters in my first set of five heroes leveled to 70. (To make things worse, my second set of gloves are slated for Wu, yet another non-hitter!) But BT is right in line next, and I’ve already got 8 hidden blades; I expect BT will be at 3/60 before I get my second or third set of gloves. (And the next event will be reflect red anyways; Pretty sure I’ll have them both at 4/70, perhaps Lance too by the July event!)

I would go Lance before Scarlett, I have both and prefer him. Both are Glass Cannons but his special is better. A high attack buff with Mana regen. I play him with Kiril. I know their attack buff doesn’t stack and but depending on the board all my heros constantly have an attack buff and Lance is still a hitter. I have him next to my tank for the increased mana regen

You nailed reason #1 I am doing Scarlett before Lance–she plays better than Lance with my top team, no buffs overwriting each other.
Reason #2 is that her special is stuck at 7/8. Ascension = problem solved NOW; Otherwise, she is Red#3 to ascend, means she will be that way for another ~month+ and Lance is already 8/8.
Reason #3 is that I love splash damage.

And lastly, they are both great glass cannons, and I know I won’t ever regret giving the ascension items to either of them!

Running lots of glass cannons with lots of healers seems like a winning mix for me so far! :sunglasses:

Yes. Jack @ 3/60 is Meh, but of some use. (Might be as good against blue titans as Kadilen @ 2/60, or I could use all three…Hmmm…)

Kash is a great tank, but given that he would be replacing somebody 4/70 or 3/70 on my defense team, probably not worth it at 3/60. I’d need to max him before I could use him well.

OK, Kash a critical part of my joke war defense team with Deliliah, Kiril, Sabina, and Boldtusk … “Damage? We don’t need to do no stinkin’ damage, just stay alive and let those arrows do the work for us :rofl:

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