Next yellow 5* for darts?

So the sixth dart is about to land and now I must choose a worthy recipient. A grand problem to have but I really can’t decide… Already have Poseidon maxed (+2). Contestants for a place in the sun are Leo dupes (3.70 and 1.1), Ranvir dupes (3.70, 1.1), Vivica (1.20), Inari (1.1), Justice dupes (both 1.1).

The rest of the lot

Green: Elkanen(+1), Tarlak trio (2.32, the other two 1.1), Maggie trio (2.20, the other two 1.1), Groot (1.1)

Red: GM dupes (3.70, 1.1), Anzogh dupes (3.30, 1.1)

Purple: Kunchen (+5), Hel dupes (+5, 1.30), Domitia 2.26, Obakan 1.1

Blue: Frida quad (4.45, rest of them 1.1)

The winner would be used pretty much everywhere except (most likely) raid def.

You got a healer, you got a sniper, you got a titan attack buffer.

Maybe Inari would be fun.

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Yeah she might be! I meant to do her after Poseidon, then I pulled Maggie… and then Ranvir, but now Tarlak has joined. So maybe back to Inari then, as Tarlak bumped Maggie for tonics :). Thanks!

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