Next Update?

Hello Forum,

it is long ago since the last update was made for this game. Referring to last post from staff

Does anybody know if an update is approaching? Will this be the only change? What about the current bugs? AW matchmaking? IF you find something please share!


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My guess is season two will be the next update, and that’s scheduled for September.

Sooo long no improvements? :cry:

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They are a small multi-million company, just give them time…


News and Updates is a good place to check for these things:

News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

If I scroll back, I see a number of updates for each of the last months. Prolly will see more updates going forward if the past is anything to go by. :wink:

You can also look at the Update page of your app, just to get a general idea how often things are added.

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