Next time the pin of Chile appears?

Hi all, would anyone know when the flag pin of Chile will appear next? @Petri

Thanks very much

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As far as I am aware, there iis no set schedule for when Pins etc… appear in the shop.
You’ll just have to keep an eye out.

Thanks, the problem is that sometimes I forget to check on a daily basis and have no idea if I missed it or not. That’s why I tagged @Petri so maybe he can give me a hint of how many days or weeks till it comes around.

Not sure he’s going to have an answer is all :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe ask your alliance members to keep an eye out also?

I could ask but then that would ruin the surprise, no? :slight_smile:


I been waiting for that surprise for over a month now and I’m not sure if I’ve missed it or not :frowning_face:. How about you just tell me the month and I’ll make sure to check every day of that month. That would be a surprise right? :smile:

:grin: I’ve been waiting for my little skull pin for about 6 month… it was available twice in this time frame. The first time I had no gems available for this purpose, the second time I bought it. I’m pretty sure I checked the store every day back then, so the pin came up twice in about 6 month.

Chilean flag pin :chile: Appeared today.

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