Next tile preview

I have seen it discussed in many other post how strategic is this game. The common theme goes something like if flipping a coin is zero and chess is ten where does this game fall. Most tend to agree with a two or three ranking. So I started thinking what simple change could move this number. At it is core this game is just a match game. Throughout gaming history there have been many match games people consider to be strategic. So i started there to see what those games have that this one does not. The answer quickly jumped out. Preview the next tile. some show the next two or three. The number really doesn’t matter it is just the act of seeing what is coming that allows for more strategy . This will add another level to thinking about which match is the best to make. This would add three distinct play styles to the game instantly. 1.) getting the previewed tiles under the correct enemy to maximize damage. 2.) getting the previewed tiles near similar colors to increase matches. And 3.) getting previewed tiles in the right spots to increase cascades. I am sure there are others. But those are the ways i would use previewed tiles to my strategic advantage.

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