Next skip in?

I used to be able to fast forward the monster chest or raid chest whenever I wanted based on my choice to use gems. As of today I am getting a “next skip in” note with a count down until it lets me fast forward. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks!

It’s always been at a certain frequency, not sure exactly, my bet is you just tried more frequently than before or you’d have run into this already.


Sounds like you increased the frequency a bit on your skips recently. The delay point has always been at a rate yielding around 5 chests per day, I believe.

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I believe the limit is three skips in a rolling 24 hour window … which works out to at least 5chests per day depending on how you space them out.

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If ur paying them the 20 gems to you shouldn’t have to wait at all

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My summary elsewhere:

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