Next Seasonal Event?

I’m about 2 months into the game and I’m loving it. I spent a little money to get up to speed quickly, I’ve got a decent mix of 4* and a couple 5*s. However, not been around for a whole year I’m not sure what events to expect when…

What will the next event be? I’m trying to decide when to spend my saved up epic tokens. I’m passing this event because I’m not super interested in the vampires or Aegir.

Next will be Christmas event.

Last time, the Christmas event didn’t have special heroes, but I would be surprised if we don’t see something new this year. Gotta fill those stockings at SG with cash eh? :wink:

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Santa as a 5*, Rudolph as a 3* to keep Hisan company and the Gringe as a 4*???

Oh take my gems lol


Maybe something from the island of misfit toys? Bumbles?

  • 3 star elves for Namahage to chase around and pick on :smiley:

  • 4 star weird but cute anthro Vixen, so Zimkitha doesn’t feel all alone

  • 4 star Jack Frost. Stats and effects like an inversed isarnia.

  • 5 star anthro feminine Chistmas Tree but with eyes, so Horghall has someone to date

The possibilities are endless


Horghall makes eyes at another woman, Skittleskull will make him a christmas tree.


Pssh, Horghall deserves a pass.

Like everyone knows Kashhrek is Needler’s father, not Horghall. Horg is sterile

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Stopping now before I make Rook blush

Krampus as an extra scary 5* hero might be a good idea :wink:
Some Scandinavian troll as a 4* or 5* might work, too.

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Hoarding tokens for three months seems excessive, especially if you are pretty new to the game.

You may not want Aegir now, but let me point out that as current hotm, he is relatively easy to get, and if he comes back as one of the special Atlantis 5* heroes in six months, he will be far less likely to get then, if you later decide you want him.

Please note that in this game, heroes are often adjusted either up or down because they are overpowered, or underpowered. So he may become more useful. Or popular opinion on how useful he is and what to do with him may shift. Ex: Gravemaker on initial release got very mixed reviews with lots of people thinking he was underwhelming. That has clearly changed, and he hasn’t been buffed at all.

Besides, when you use your tokens, you will mostly get normal 3*, 4*, or 5* heroes. If you don’t want/need them, they are food for the heroes you do want.

Burn em if you got em.

And if you really don’t like Aegir, wait 'till November 1st, and you will have a small chance at the next hotm instead.

For Christmas, I want to see a hero made from the angry gnome avatar!

How about Mother Nature and the Miser brothers?!



Anyone know when the winter event will start? I can’t remember from last year.

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