Next Red to level up - Natalya, Sir Lancelot, or Colen?


I have listed the numbers for these Heroes below for reference. I have Natalya’s level 3/60 numbers since that is as far as I could likely take her in the near future. I have 5 Mystic Rings & 3 Hidden Blades right now, and while I’m sure I will get the rest eventually, I don’t want to wait 9 months to have someone I can use all the time.

Natalya at 3/60 is 604/571/1193
Lance at 4/60 is 756/533/1043
Colen at 4/60 is 728/537/1094
Scarlett at 4/60 is 767/507/1039 (I also have her)

The rest of my team right now is:
Red: Boldtusk 4/61, Kelile 3/60
Purple: Okbakan 3/58, Sabina 3/60
HuTao: 4/58, WuKong 3/10
Blue: Grimm 4/1, Kiril 3/60
Green: Caedmon 4/36, Skittleskull 3/60

My thinking is that Lancelot will be the best for Titans, Colen the best for Raids, and Natalya could work well for either one. I do raids just fill chests right now and my Alliance is beating 7* titans and losing to 8*s. I got some great advice a couple weeks ago on Grimm over Magni, so hopefully you all can steer me in the right direction again. Thanks!


Sorry but I didnt understand your doubt…
If Lance and Colen are at 4/60 you dont need to level them up anymore… just get to 70!!
Assuming you typed wrong and they are at 3/60, I would totally bet on Natalya if you get both rings and blade… without the rings I would choose Lance over Colen.


OP’s giving us their stats at level to help us think, not because they’re at that level.

You have nearly all the Mystic Rings you’ll need for Natalya. Rule of thumb is that you get three 3* (hidden blades) for every one 4* (rings), so you’ll likely have 6 blades when you have 6 rings. I’d be kicking myself if I had finally gottten a full set of rings but had Natalya at 2/60 and with only two blades. So, I’d go with Natalya.

As between Lancelot and Colen, it really depends on what skill you value. Colen isn’t nearly as good as Lancelot against titans, and high Titan damage is something I value. (Better Titan results=better loot=more rare mats).


Oh I got it… Thought thats what he had!

Sorry Redeye, but the advice is the same :sweat_smile:


+1 on Kerridoc.

While it may even taking a long time if you are very unlucky from now on, use your blades on some other hero only if you have 8+ of them as you are now.


So do you guys think Natalya is actually better at that level, or are you saying I should level her up just because of what my resources are? 604 vs 756 attack looks like a huge gap, but then 1193 vs 1043 health might make up for it. I really just want the best player at that strength.

Thanks for the input!


I dunno, Natalya is working well for me even though she’s only 4/45 so far. And the blades will eventually come along. Are you also in possession of Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics?


I do have 2 D-Blades and 3 Tomes, 1 set of which is reserved for Obakan if I ever get 3 more Royal Tabards. I want to make sure I don’t screw up and use any rare ascension items on the wrong hero. I did that before with HuTao over WuKong before I knew who was better, and now I am seriously regretting it.

So my ultimate question - is Natalya at 3/60 better than Lancelot or Colen maxed out, or will she not be very useful until I get her into the level 4 ascension?

Thanks for all the help guys and gals.


Take a look on Anchor’s hero guide on the players guide section.

Maybe it’s not perfect, but it may help people a lot.


Per Elpis:


I have gone through that guide a number of times. It’s very valuable information, but it doesn’t take into account my other heroes when grading. Also, the 2 I’m looking at are B/A/B and A/B/B and I’m considering Natalya not fully ascended. I’m looking for any advice from guys more experienced than myself that may have used both of them.


You already have Bold built so Scarlett is the next best for green titans out of that list at 3/60 or 4/70.

Not really even close, best attack stat and best special (fast -34% atk debuff is totally awesome against titans).


Great advice thank you :rose::v::sunglasses:


I value raiding above all so I would normally recommend Natalya or Colen who has made me lose so many raids! But you already have Boldtusk as red raider.
So you may wish to go for Lancelot but mine (at 3/52-614/432/846) dies very fast when I’m using him against Titans and during raids.
I think your team already has enough 4*…you can start thinking to build your 5* Heroes now…so Natalya!


I agree with @Ragonn here. At 3/70, Natalya is not better than Lancelot, Colen or Scarlett. But you are SO close to having the mats to ascend a 5* red, and Natalya at 4/50+ is going to be a solid upgrade to your team long term.