Next red project

Just pulled the costume for Marijuana (twice). I have Rueben sitting. On face value which should be the next project and which should become a sandwich?

PS have MJ @+18

Marjana, even if you didn’t have the costume.

Reuben is pretty poor


Marijuana will not disappoint you.

Reuben will.

But don’t eat Reuben. He may get a costume some day.

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Do is keep ALL MJ,s that would be 3. And if SG stays with the idea of costume for those that don’t deserve them, then the hero will be there. ?? roster space

Marjana when costumed loses the ability of a “sniper”. She hits 3 for mid damage instead. In order to take the best advantage of Marjana’s costume you need a sniper beside her - so in most cases that will be second Marjana since Gefjon is very rare… and these are the only two red snipers for now.

Plus you can put one costume on both, giving them great stats buff.

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Marjana Marjana Marjana! Love that costume

so it looks like a rueben sandwich, heeeeeavy on the krut with a stable of marijuana

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