Next Red Project?

I’m stuck. Please offer some assistance as to which red hero should be my next project. I’m leaning Puss, but Azlar costume is intriguing, or Grazul. I have only 5 hidden blades and 5 rings. I also have HA10 running, and ya never know what could come up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

As much as I want Azlar’s costume in my lineup, I think you would benefit for the variety to be offered by Puss since you already have Jean Francois and Gravemaker as your burners. Better yet, place both Puss and costumed Azlar at 3/70 and play with them for a bit. Only then you will be able to get hold how each works. Sometimes, doing that is better.

U don’t need azlar as GM is more than azlar.
PiB will more beneficial to ur red stack

Yep. However, the burn of costumed Azlar is something to be considered as it cannot be dispelled. And this hero is a killer since his damage to the target increases if the target has less than 50% health.

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Grazul, Puss, Azlar.
In that order.

Well it’s not overwhelming but sounds like Puss has the edge. Thanks for the input.

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