Next red project after doing the 3*’s

My maxed red lineup now: Marjana +5, Sumitomo +12, Guardian Falcon, Kelile, and Colen. My unleveled red bench: Grazul, Boldtusk, Sir Lancelot, Gormek, Namahage, Jahangir. Do I tackle the orc’s after the 2 3* heroes? My healers include Vivica, Melendor, Rigard, and Kiril so it’s not like I’m desperate for a healer. A red healer could be nice though so maybe I’m splitting hairs between Grazul and Boldtusk.

I would level Namahage for sure, but Jahangir can wait after you do Boldtusk.

Boldtusk is a must max 4* imo. One of the best support healers in the game thx to his attack boost, the fighter class synergizing well, and very tanky stats for his rarity.


In my honest opinion, and I have both Grazul and Boldtusk, I would max BT first and give him emblems. He is a great all rounder, and there is still some negative press around Grazul. Good luck


I agree with those above:

  • Namahage for 3*
  • BT is the 4* Gotham needs! :grin:
  • Grazul when done.

For some reason, I never leveled Jahangir…after 2.5+ years playing, I’m only now leveling Gormek (mostly from lack of any other red to level). Love my BT! He only has 8 emblems, but I’ve never regretted giving them to him. :wink:


Another vote for Boldtusk over Grazul. Not just for the heal, but also for the attack boost for the whole team. And the Fighter talent lets him go on and on and on…

I agree that Namahage is a priority 3. Jahangir less so, he is useful for Very Fast raid tournaments, but otherwise less versatile than Namahage.

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Another vote also for Boldtusk.
I already have 2nd BT at 3.60, waiting ascend but after variety, now currently I’m leveling Kelile (coming late to my bench) and Grazul.

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I had a feeling the Boldtusk Brigade would come out in full force! Seriously though he’s probably a top 5 four star hero in the entire game? Probably will go that route after Namahage


Another vote for Boldtusk (after Namahage) and then Sir Lancelot.

Boldtusk is just too good, with his +atk bonus. With emblems he gets the chance to revive, which can be a match changer. I once fought a raid and there was just BT in the end… he was heavily emblemed, he revived 4 times in a row. If there were other remaining heroes, he could have cured them and I could have got in troubles.

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So today I pulled Khagan. And I’m wondering where he should fall into the list. I just got Namahage ascended to the 3rd one so it’s not gonna take long before I’m on to leveling Boldtusk (that should make everyone happy) :grin: But after that, what do y’all think?

In my honest opinion, it should be Boldtusk and next is Grazul.


I have BT maxed and L7 with emblems and he’s a gun. I’ve got a maxed Magni and almost maxed Kingston who are also Fighter class like BT but I can’t bring myself to take the emblems off BT as he’s so useful and I couldn’t deal with him being less powerful than he currently is.

Having said that I have Grazul at 3.70 and am just waiting for the mats to max out as it’s been awesome using Graz in raids and on Titans so imo definitely worth levelling up, but BT first for sure.

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