Next red, green and purple 5* to max?

I’ve managed to scramble together enough mats for a couple more 5s but can’t seem to make up my mind.

Purple: maxed already are Hel, Kage, Kunchen, Seshat and Victor.
Next to max; dupe Hel? Dupe Kage? Grimble? Freya? Haven’t pulled Clarissa but she might join during S3 pulls later this month - would she be a given (I’m hearing mixed reviews)?

Red: maxed already are GM, GM, Marjana and JF.
Next to max; third GM (yeah very lucky coin pull), Anzogh, Kong, Azlar, Elena?

Green: maxed already are Alby, Kingston, Lianna, Tarlak, Telluria.
Next to max; dupe Kingston? Dupe Lianna? Lady of The Lake? Kadilen? Margaret?? Or wait and see…

I don’t have any opinion about Freya, I would max another Kage

IMO you need some healing there, go fo Anzogh

LotL is awesome but you need more fire power here, I would max second Kingston/Lianna

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Purple, I’d go Clarissa if you get her. Freya is solid if you want variety and ofc Kage is awesome.

Red, I don’t GM is ever the wrong answer. :laughing:

Green, Kingston and Lianna are still awesome I’d pick the one you prefer. LotL can be great too if you want something different but you already have 3 green healers.

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Hi there, my 2 cents:

Purple: if you don’t wanna wait/won’t get Clarissa, I’d go with Freya. She sinergises well with Telluria and eventually also with Lady of the Lake. Maybe in case of Clarissa I would go with Freya in any case, considering that you also have 2 GMs, which is quite similar to Clarissa.

Red: I’d esclude the third GM exclusively for a matter of variety.
For what regards the others you mentioned:

  • Anzogh: I have him maxed, many don’t like him but I find him useful. Although he needs emblems on attack to be more effective.
  • Azlar: when he shoots, he makes a carnage. But he’s slow and frail, emblems on def/life would be greatly useful. Doesn’t sinergise well with JF, respective burns would overwrite each other, although due to different speeds it’s unlikely they would shoot together.
  • Elena: personally I’m not a fan of riposters, same problems as Azlar (slow/squishy), but would integrate better with your other heroes
  • Kong: squishy but average speed, deals a nice direct damage. If you have emblems, I would probably go with him (even if most of the people would think I’m crazy)

But if I were you, I would consider making pulls during next event (Grimforest) to get either Puss in Boots or Red Hood. You lack a healer in your red stack and both would sinergise well with Freya

Greens: I would go with Lake of the Lake. Again, it would be a good sinergy with Freya and her minions are extremely annoying with their mana stealing. Also, variety first


In my honest opinion, I would wait to see if you get Clarissa if you don’t then go with Freya.
For red I would go with Elena if you have her costume. If not then it’s got to be Anzogh.
For green go with Lady of the Lake and then Lianna… but Kadilen costume looks good. If you get that then LOtL followed by Kadilen.
Good luck

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Thanks for all the good advice!

Think I’ll hold off all colours until after S3 pulls.

If no Frigg or squirrel then maybe LoTL after all. Or Kingston. If no Clarissa then maybe Freya (but Kage + costumed Rigard is so good vs Telly and that’s all I ever see in war, Telly Telly Telly).

If no Tyr then maybe Anzogh… maybe. I’ve used him some at 3.70, and it’s unfair to judge him at that level ofc, but I basically don’t see any change at all in healthbars after his special (opponents or mine…). And GM is GM even though 3 maxed copies feels a bit ridiculous.

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