Next red ascension, Emilio or Saoirse?

Not sure who to go with next. I’m leaning towards Saoirse because I feel they would be a bigger boost to my red team and especially my titan team. I don’t intend to replace Elizabeth on my defense but I am slightly concerned that the upcoming gargoyles could shift the meta away from minion/fiends enough that Emilio would be a better fit. FWIW, I’m P2E/P2P.
Thanks in advance for any advice

If you have other ailments blockers maxed then I would max Saoirse but if you don’t have other ailments blocker the Emilio will be better choice.

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slow mana hero tend to be suck.
i choose the one if i were u

I have both, Emilio is maxed already and the only reason I’m going to max Saoirse, is because I have other slayers. I’d say she is will serve you well at 3-70 for titans. If you don’t have other slayers she is likely not worth it.

That being said Emilio is best when paired with Russell, GM, or JF.

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