Next red and blue projects

I just finished leveling Lancelot, and now I have to decide on the next project:

Reuben (at 3/70 atm)
2nd Wilbur (because better then Gormek, but Gormek gives more variety…)

And for blue I recently maxed Skadi as my first blue 5*. Other blue 5* options I have are Richard or Thorne. Currently leveling a 2nd Grimm, at the moment no other heroes I would like to level

My roster: (gormek is just outside the 4* view)

Coral is a nice hero, if you can emblem her fully. See my comments in the hero discussion thread.

Gormek is sitting at 3/60 since 1,5 years for me.

You mean Carol, right?

I would also opt for her.

If you had Thorne’s costume, i would level him up, since by statistics, he is the best sniper in the game, just a smidge higher than Lianna and Gefjon. Combine him with Glenda, and you’re dealing 580% damage with a 800 some odd sniper (That’s IF you go full attack on Thorne’s costume)

For Thorne’s Agreed, but I don’t, and the chance to get that costume isn’t good, as I’ve stopped spending (not that I spent much). So it’s plain Thorne vs plain Richard. Personally I think I would prefer Richard, as he has a second effect in attack down. Not as useful as attack up or defense down, but still helpful (esp when it flips an sttack-up).

As for red, 2 votes for carol. Gormek was the last vanilla 4* to join my roster, and I don’t really miss him. Wilbur I use very often, so a second copy would be useful in war/tavern (but not that often). So carol it is!

If you have Gormek costume his stats go beefy. I like mine and i use fairly often. Thats true that Wilbur eluded me for two years.

He works really nice in red for me. And those stats are really solid too. So i use him in war and titans and in some soloing content too.

Good luck with your heroes :wink:

Where do you stand on ascension materials and future pulls?

Assuming you have the materials and don’t think you’ll be getting better Legendaries soon I vote Reuben and Richard.

You have good four star depth so I’m not as concerned about building depth. Reuben at 3/70 will take approximately the same amount of xp as a new red.

Also don’t see much about if someone has emblems waiting that could make me change my vote.

FWIW this was a bit hard to write as I’ve defended Carol in other threads so I hate to vote against her. I use her with MN-Buddy-Santa to just overwhelm the other team slowly. Outside of that I’d rather just have Reuben.

Thanks for your insights.
Mats: (not overwhelming, but enough for the of 5* I manage to pull)

And emblems (plus another 600 wizard ones just out of view)

What I think I’ll do is:
Start with richard with 1* when Grimm 2 is far enough along to get just 2*, and do the same with Reuben and carol; carol the 1* and Reuben the 2*.

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I’d call that enough materials to “make a mistake” and not have it cause too much of a problem.

I’m not a fan of the dual feeding. It’s probably more food optimal (and if you’re constrained then my point is moot), but then you don’t get the advantage of actually using a hero rather than waiting for both to be leveled.

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