Next Red 5* to ascend is....?

Ready to ascend another 5* fire hero but which one?.. entire roster is in picture. It’s between Santa, Grazul, Costumed Elena, and Reuben… thoughts?

… aaaaaaand go!

Do Grazul and watch videos how to use her. She’s an offense game changer.


2nd that, do Grazul :+1:


Thanks guys! Is she worth consider for defense at all … ever?..

Grazul vote here too. Sure, she can be made into defense teams flanking the tank and if you highly emblem her to make her more sturdy as she already is. Her minor healing and status resistance is helpful, but not as helpful as Garnet and Vanda are on defense.

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Grazul helps alot on offense. I used her everyday against Telluria tanks. Now with Frigg & Alfrike being the new ace holes, she is definitely a great addition.

I don’t have Santa, but I always wanted him. Hard decision. I’d pick Santa for the rareness and I just want him. But Zimkitha & Grazul together will make raiding easier

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