Next raid tournament, not scheduled (again)?

Seems like we are getting into the same situation where we were last week.
Or is it intended this way?


It always looks like that, its not bug or anything

Wasnt there always countdown?

Yes, iirc there was always a timer. Looks a lot like last week’s situation.


Yes - the usual text goes something like “The next tournament begins in…” (with the counter appended towards the end.)

Seems like the same situation as last week’s. And if that is indeed the case, some conditional trigger needs to be fixed at the backend.

Tagging mods @JonahTheBard and @Guvnor


I’ve messaged staff so will see.


Hello everyone )

Next raid tournament is not planned as of now.
Is this normal?

Checked the announcement section, didn’t find anything about it…

May be the same issue as it was the previous week.


Still am awaiting a response back from staff.

Have pinged them in a couple spots so… :man_shrugging:

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I’m not sure, why they had to change event times etc. It seems it just cause too much problems. Everything was working find before those timw switches.

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Is this related to the server issue?

Guessing it’ll be cancelled for this week now, taking overnight time zones into account we’re approaching the point where people won’t have time to enter

Cancelled without any announcement?
It’d be really weird.

Still time yet it’s not due to start for another 19hrs.


Maybe we just all assume something new and exciting is coming out, to fill the void of the week’s tournament?

/not holding my breath


What’s going on with the game? Last weeks raid tournament wasn’t scheduled and now this weeks raid tournament isn’t yet scheduled? Is this from the update issue earlier this week or something else? It seems as if the people that are in charge of this game are asleep at the wheel.


It happened before the update.
Maybe it is a clock error.

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This is a repeat of last Sunday’s raid tourney participation when it also lacked the usual timer people have habitually come to anticipate. What i fear is another server outage in the works by Wednesday war… oh, no, not again :scream::scream::scream:


I am completely sure what you say is true. To me the developers and employees behind the game just SUCK. I mean, when people name others game in the forum they appear, otherwise with respect to legitimate concerns about the game they do not.
They just do not care about quality of life improvement for their players. Millions of ideas to improve the war/tourney mechanisms, easy to implement and nothing done…
Just look at their “raid index” just published. It is just an image with 10 heroes and nothing more LOL. Do they really think tat is giving meaningful statistics?? LOL
Heck they probably have millions of rows in their databases and the best they do is that ■■■■■■■■ image, I could do better in 30 minutes. Let’s start by putting at least the win rates, team compositions, number of entries?
Overall they just care about money and that is why they are sleep at the wheel. As long as we continue purchasing they care little about our quality of life in the game.


Maybe we should gain their attention by naming other games… It’s been a day without response…


So I found this game where you don’t just match 3. I doubt many have heard of it but I think it will be massive. You heard it here first…