Next Purple 5* (If Any)

Here is my hero plan. -

As you can see, I have a few options for purples to level, but none of them are Earth-shattering. With regards to emblems, Marie-Therese would get +7 if I went with her. Otherwise, I have the emblems to take Quintus to +20, as my Sorcerers are severely lacking. Otherwise, I can just hold off and not do any right now.

I have 13 Tabards, and only 1 D. Blade. Alternatively, I do have 20 scopes, but those options appear mediocre at best as well.

Tough call Lloyd. Probably with what you have I’d do Clarissa but a fully maxed Q is intriguing. Knowing your D Blade situation I’d probably hold because no D Balds means no maxing any color Legendary.

This is one of those unfortunate scenarios where C-Quintus is what I’d do. It would be hard for me to bypass Clarissa, but I’ll take the bad 5 star heroes with 20 emblems over the good, but not great ones without emblems. You have enough tabards to get the next one if something changes too (just not blades but you’ll get more) so not a huge downside if you have to reset later.

Even a C-Quintus will be useful in a quarter of the wars (very fast only).

FWIW, damascus blades will be given when the next Farholme Pass comes around at the end of this month, according to the predictions made in our monthly calendar.

If it was my account, I’d not force the matter maxing a legendary hero just because you have the means to do so. I have heard or read so many times how several players maxing a 5* hero only to regret it a short while later because they obtained a far better one from free pulls which they would have maxed if they still had the ascension materials used. So I hoard, and hoard, and hoard some more ascension materials, place those heroes at 3/70, including a copy of those less-loved heroes, and improve my 3* and 4* bench of heroes, even if some are dupes already.

Thanks for the replies all. Currently, I think I’m just going to sit and wait.

@Ruskin505 - My only pause with your comment about very fast wars is, I already have Alfrike +19. Unless the VF wars go with a no purple theme, she will always be my tank. I don’t see having multiple purple heroes on defense, without one of them being Ursena to protect against yellows. I am also considering, once I get Darts 5 and 6, maxing and embleming Norns. At that point, most of my Sorc emblems are gone.

@Ultra I agree with sitting on the Blade, and not just maxing a hero to max one. I do fine in wars/raids/RT’s as it is. And while I don’t have the mats to max a yellow/blue/green, I am getting somewhat close.

Again, FWIW, these are my stash:

Maxed are Kage+19 (my 2nd legendary purple maxed), Panther+7 (my 5th legendary purple maxed), Clarissa+7 (my 6th legendary purple maxed), Seshat+7 (my 3rd legendary purple maxed), Domitia+4 with MCB (my 1st purple legendary maxed) and Sartana (my 4th legendary purple maxed).

Candidates are at 3/70: Kunchen, 2nd Clarissa, 2nd Sartana, Grimble, and Zulag. Currently working on Quintus followed by Obakan, both to 3/70. For me, because of my roster of 5* and army of 4* heroes helping my legendary heroes in raids and in wars, the worthy heroes to invest tabards to are Onyx, Hel, Jabberwock, Ursena, Alfrike and perhaps Bera and Freya. I may be inclined to ascend Grimble or Kunchen, but that is not my priority. I just wanna hoard. Lol

I’m very confused. In the original post you mention putting emblems on Quintus.

Now you’re saying you may not use emblems.

I’m not suggesting using him on defense and never would over Alfrike. But you’ll definitely love him in very fast wars and you’ll probably still use him (with 20 emblems) in regular wars.

But if you’re planning on putting emblems on someone else, then no reason to level Quintus.
The only reason I’d consider leveling Quintus over Norns is that you have more Holy heroes with emblems than you do Dark heroes.

Sorry for the confusion. What I was trying to get across is, if I were to get enough darts and eventually max Norns, he/she/they would get the Sorc emblems ahead of Quintus. But that requires more darts, and then deciding on who should actually get them!

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