Next project for every color

Agree with @JGE 's assessment.

Only thing with Domitia, is with a potentially excellent Dark HotM coming in May my gut instinct is to sit on any tabards until that month has passed and I either summoned (or not) the HotM.


Great thanks for the inputs!

Yeah, there’s no hurry, I can wait a bit. Domitia is not a priority, because she would have to share the emblems with Marjana.

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Id wait to next beta beat to see if there are new costumes around (dormitia may be one of the new ones)

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Great advice - they may come sooner or later

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My personal opinion is:

Yellow - Guin
Dark - I’d wait (Unless you have 12+ Tabards, then I might consider Grimble)
Green - Telluria (I recently maxed Kadilen, and really like her. But I also pair her with Evelyn)
Blue - Wow, what a choice. I’d probably go Finley though, even with Fenrir
Red - Azlar - Personally, I’ve not been wow’d by any of those choices, but Azlar is the only one that concerns me if he fires)

Azlar? Really? I’m not a big fan of this guy. In fact, I don’t have any slow AOE attacker (if you don’t consider Justice as an attacker). Is azlar really worth?

Regarding the blue, yeah I can’t complain, I Haven been extremely lucky. I think I’ll ascend both once I get all the scopes

I can’t speak to if he’s actually worth it, just due to the fact that I don’t have him. But when facing him on defense, if he fires, it typically signals the beginning of the end (Unless I have a cleanser ready). His tile damage would also be pretty good for Titans.

As a side note, I don’t have any of the reds that you mentioned (Except BK), so my opinion may not matter!

I see your point with Azlar in defense, but as I already have BK (tank position), and won’t put any other red.

I need more a hero for attack.

Azlar is in my Mono Red Red team and when he fires is just awesome. However, I also have Grazul on that team and I’d level another Grazul in a heart beat - she is sooo versatile. At very fast, her resist special has won me more battles than Azlar.

I’d agree with @voidstrike - my Domitia is still benched, and when I think about it, I don’t see her much in diamond either :thinking:.


I agree with this but I’m out of likes.

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removes pants
I’m with him, 100%
thinks for a moment
puts pants back on


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Whoa. Just noticed your regular status. Jelly.

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Come on guys; back on topic. If you want to discuss the benefits of wearing pants/ not head over here:

Or here

Good point. And the one @TheWizard made about costumes… dom is the only questionable hero from that list though. So you have plenty of projects if you want to wait on purple.

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If you’ll notice, I was agreeing 100% with the advice @voidstrike provided, including for the OP to delay raising a dark hero pending the May HOTM.

That it was nestled within a bit of levity should be acceptable I think.


Okaaaayy :sweat_smile:

I will keep Grazul as next red priority while I wait on the last rings. And wait in purple for now.

Thanks for all the advices.

And regarding your playing outfit, if you have to stay at home do whatever you want, but if you still take public transport or go outside, please keep your pants on :wink:



  • Justice is beefy but slow… You have BK so don’t need a tank anyway.
  • Guin is a great tank but again you don’t need her.
  • Neith again is a delaying tactic, she’s underrated generally not a bad hero at all.

I’d say it’s between Neith and Guin… But with Ariel done and Grazul in the pipeline I’d probably lean towards Neith.


  • Grimble hits like a pillow but turns the tide in minion battles (except against Telluria).
  • Mok Arr is a beast, arguably the most underrated and misunderstood card in the game. 250% at average mana is huge, extra damage against holy is huge, damage to self is no big deal with BK (which you have) and a bonus if you have Wilbur too (ratchets up the beserk). In attacks he’s a seriously good card - not many people bother to max him and judge from 1/1 and they just don’t get it, take it from those of us who maxed him, it’s TOTALLY worth it!
  • Domitia is an attacking sniper/dispeller and that can be useful, but Seshat already gives you that in a stronger package.

I’d do Mok - I have zero regrets about having maxed him… He doesn’t go everywhere, but where he does he’s significant.

Lady of the lake and Telluria are both stalling tactics - they slow the enemy down so you can manipulate your board and charge your killers.
Telluria with faster mana would be easier to use in an attacking format (and FWIW, my defence is holding 150 cups higher with Telluria tanking and BK flanking).

Telluria - just do it!

Finley or Fenrir you really can’t go wrong… Both simply awesome hero’s.
I’d probably lean towards Finley but only just.

On an attacking basis, Grazul is a good counter to the myriad of Kunchen and Telluria tanks you’ll be facing (and to GM/JF/Vela flanks) - I’m working on her now for this reason.

JF is a good hero, he’s hated on a bit because his beta version was looking like it’d be game-breakingly OP and some players are disappointed he’s been cut back to sensibly good… His +Crit in stacks is noticeable and his DoT to all is still useful.

Elena and Azlar are a bit meh to me - slow mana and squishy is not a reliable combination… To cap it off, there are better red AoE hero’s in the game than either of them (G.Kong is more damage and Anzogh not far off… Both at average gives far more impact) so both are sitting untouched on my bench and will remain there.

Taking into account your existing bench - you’ve picked a great tank who sturdies up your attack teams (BK), the best healer in the game (Ariel) and some great snipers…
To take things to another level, you want some stall and some controlling tactics and I just like some AoE beast (especially in a BK/Wilbur team!) - Neith gives you stall, Telluria gives you stall and mana slowing, Grazul let’s you trigger enemy specials at your pleasure… And Mok is an AoE beast and goes incredibly with a BK/Wilbur 3-2 lineup.

So for me…
Mok Arr


Woah, your reply is just made of 100% pure awesomeness!! Thanks for this detailled analysis and reply :heart_eyes:

I agree with all everything you say. I found Mok really meh at the beginning, but I play a lot in mono and start more and more thinking about him.

As you have both BK and Telluria, so you found that they go well together? I could then put Vela on the other flank as she usually go well with Telly, but that would probably leave Ariel on the bench. Right now, I’m tanking with BK with Ariel on the left flank. Classical but does the job.

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I’m finding it works… It’d be hard to bench Ariel but it’d be too much passive to include her with the two of them - then again, you’ll still use her a lot!

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Great, I can’t wait to test this setup! Oh, that’s going to be sweet :yum:

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