Next OLD hotms in september atlantis summon?

Hi guys, do you know which old HOTM will be available in september atlantis summon?

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Aegis. … i think … a real tank

I think Aegis will be the Hotm of October…the previous Atlantis summon didn’t contain any new hotm’s, so I don’t think it will be changed this month. I hope it will be Athena and Natalya, since it were Hel and Perseus last time. …Athena would be awesome! #fingerscrossed :smile:

I also hope for Athena .

What about new Atlantis summon heroes? Colors, families? Are they in beta?

The hotm is still available during Atlantis summons just the banner disappears and replaced by Atlantis one

I know…never said anything different…

HOTM is a joke. I am a level 50 and have yet to receive a HOTM. Before anyone asks, yes I have spent money on this game but no it is not the hundreds and thousands that some other players have spent.


You didnt need to spend money you can get (very unlikely) hotm with epic tokens too


One week left for Atlantis, any news? XD

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Just wait and get surprised :slight_smile:

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Aegis WAS a real tank, but has been gutted in beta because he worked too well with Guineverre. Same thing happened to Boss Wolf.

If you want a top tier tank, get Guineverre. SG won’t release any more strong tanks as long as she’s around… and they’ve shown they won’t nerf her so…

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Why is the topic going about the best tank? XD
I only wated to know if there are news about the old hotms that will be proposed this month.

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Athena and natalya are the rumored old hotm coming back

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Sad but true…
Guin says what Highlander always said: “There can be only ONE”


He wasn’t gutted, he was gutted and buffed, which is probably a net nerf to his original design. He’s still useful. I’m also not sure that the corner Guin case applied here, it did apply to boss wolf though (opposing colors of tanks made it exceedingly difficult). We still don’t have the final iteration of him anyways. Neither Aegir nor boss wolf should have been nerfed, IMO.

@ThatGuy Where do people hear these rumors on the specific old HOTM showing up? Could be true, I guess, but it’s just speculation at this point unless you have some ninja inside source. Nothing in beta yet,

I think most people are using the release order of said HOTM to make up a logical pattern.

Hel was released first (June), so next in line would be Athena (July).
Perseus was in the middle (Dec) then Natalya would be next (Jan)

Whether it’s right or wrong, its just too early to tell.

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So true. 20 characters

I think that is what I am getting at. No one really knows and it is all speculation.

If I were SGG, I’d pair a highly desirable one with a poor one, in nor particular order :slight_smile:


I think most would consider Athena/Nat to be just that. Highly desirable and a mediocre. So we might get that anyways! Hah

(For the record I disagree with majority, Nat is a babe and a strategic attack goddess)

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