Next month hero (January)

Someone know next month hero name
I think Holy hero

Onatel 20 moderators


We wish!!

Think how many threads we could flag and close :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::lock::lock::lock:



Facebook now show new hero’s
@Rook @JonahTheBard go go facebook show your powers

:telephone_receiver:hi… Zuckerberg? Yeah, it’s Jonah. Yes…about beta…do we have an understanding? You’re deadly allergic to cat hair I understand… it would be ‘unfortunate’ if Rook had to visit. Gone by tonight? And a ‘safe’ Christmas to you too…


And all the comments you guys could censor because they’re off topic (which bugs me)

Which way round - off topic posts bug you or that we nag about them?

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Flagging every comment in a thread lol

You’ll be glad to note our entire conversation is off topic, but no one seems to have noticed yet…

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banishes you both to Off-Topic timeout :grin:

I have a feeling if FB takes off the way the Forum has, moderators will appear. Until then, you are in the heady Wild West days, like the original Global game chat. :wink:

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It maaaay be Onatel. No promises though. :wink:

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