Next ice 5*: Misandra, Richard or Thorne

My current ice projects are Miki and Grimm. Miki is only going to 3/70 for the time being to replace Wu on my titan team. Grimm is going max for war depth primarily.

When Miki gets to 3/70, im planning to start another 5* ice hero. I have Athena+1 and have to choose between misandra, richard and thorne. I personally think Misandra is the best of that group, but she has a long wait for emblems as she would sit behind G. Panther, BT, Poseidon and Yunan in the fighter group whereas i have no 5* paladin and G. Falcon and Sonya getting emblems for 4*.

Do folk think the better idea is to go with the better hero, or is class fit more important?

For context this is my active roster right now:

Thanks in advance for input.

Misandra all the way. And never level Thorne, the worst 5* in the game, with no skill. Save him for HA. After Misandra, you should consider Isarnia instead Richard. And for the trials Richard is just fine at 3/70. Is one of the toughest heroes in the game.

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Was thinking of richard for an alternative tank. Guin is great, and Yunan is next, but i want someone tanky on every color.
Isarnia is like Misandra is that shed be waaaay down the list to get emblems.

Go with Misandra, she’ll pair well with Athena. On average Misandra will deal more damage than Richard and Thorne with her skill: [Research Math] Calculating Misandra’s Chain strike average damage

Richard is one of the best blue tanks in the game IMO – particularly when emblems work together with his attack down debuff – but you don’t get much rewards out of defending in this game. Unless your alliance wants to use blue tanks for wars, you already have Guinevere, and thus Richard is not a priority over Misandra.

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I just wanted to piggyback on this topic because I have an oddly similar roster to OP.

I have Athena as my only maxed blue 5*, and have Miki at 3/70, Isarnia, Richard, and Thorne.

I don’t have a true tank maxed right now though, and my alliance uses blue tanks (currently Athena for me). I love Miki but my alliance currently faces 8* titans so I don’t necessarily need to go beyond 3/70.

Who should be my priority to max for blue?

It depends if you have any paladin emblems to spare for Richard for that Paladin talent. The defense boost + his attack down skill is what truly lets him shine as a tank.

Athena is okay as a tank though; her skill is very threatening for the attacker. Her stats/class for holding the center though just aren’t amazing like Richard’s.

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I dont get the hype for Misandra. She underwhelms so much, got her maxed and rarely use her. Out of her, Richard and Thorne, Richard is by far the best one

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