Next holy or wait

Aside from season 1 yellow I have Akkorog and Aouda ready for ascension. I already have vivica plus costume, zuri, Odin, and motega maxed. I have plenty of emblems to max both but am unsure who to go with. I’m leaning towards Akkorog because I like his fast hit on multiple enemies, but definitely use Aouda quite a bit even now at 3/70 because of her extra health boost attack in certain raids. Hey would love to hear from anyone who has both of these heroes maxed.

I’m also just considering waiting as I am eager to get a few new OP holy from new summons. Topaz would go great with my LB Cobalt

Wait for Kara, May yellow hotm. She has taunt as a skill


In my honest opinion in your shoes I would wait a little bit longer.
For example Kara would be a great hero to have in your roster plus some of the new S5 heroes.
Whatever you decide to do good luck


I appreciate it! I hadn’t looked into the May hotm yet.

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None, you should trade any of those for my dumb Hanitra. Oops, I didn’t sell that trade well.


Agree with the other comments, I’d probably wait for your next Holy hero :slight_smile:

Well I’m happy to report I just pulled Wolfgang, so I now know where my ascension items are going. Looks like motega will be taking a backseat on getting aether as well…

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