Next Holy and Fire

Any thoughts on who should be my next Holy and Fire 5*


Red- Marjana or Kestrel. Don’t have the Capt, but even without costume Marj holds up.

Yellow- if you have less than 12 darts, I would hold. Maybe work on chao and his costume or lady Woolerton.

Just my 1 1/2 cents.

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YELLOW: Malosi (for shutting off threatening enemy heroes; well, at least until SG has fixed the glitches) or Ranvir (an alleged better version of Wu Kong; very usable against mythic titans).

RED: Marjana (for sniping and burn over time) or Kestrel (damage to 3 is better IMHO than sniping and have good synergy with your red hit 3 heroes like Falcon) or Yang Mai (for mono)


For me, it would be Malosi and Yang Mai. I already have Malosi maxed and he comes in very handy. I am currently maxing Yang Mai.


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