Next Heroes to Ascend

My current roster, I have mats for 1 of each minus green. Who should I ascend next?

Seshat, Joon, Grazul, Finley.

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In your shoes I would go with:

Purple = Seshat
Seshat is an amazing all round raiding hero. Her Debuff 3 as well as her sniping power will pair well with the heroes you got maxed already.
The minion is also amazing in most tournaments & in raiding, giving her a lot more survivability than her base stats indicate

Yellow = Malosi
Main reason for this recommendation is for raiding offence. He will help massively in terms of shutting some of the common tanks down so you can raid with him in either your main colour stack or as an off-colour hero.
Either case, with a level 11+ mana troop he charges in 6 tiles and can render the enemy tank impotent.

Blue = Finley
This guy is just beastly… His chain can be devastating on defence, even more so on offence when you (someone with intelligence) can time his special for maximum carnage.

He can also fill the defence down roll in your vs red Titan Team which is currently missing (I would guess filled by Grimm?)

I would also look at shifting most of the ranger emblems from Evelyn over to him too… if it were me :wink:

Green = wait
I say wait because we don’t know the full extent of the balance changes that are happening and green is the colour being most affected…

Both margaret & atomos look promising / have had some promising movements at this point… Idk if its enough to turn the tide for them but its a consideration for me…

As the heroes sit right now, I would probably go with Heimdall or Lady of the Lake. Both are healers but have different rolls. LotL is a mana controlling healer while Heimdall has the advantage of, potentially, doubling your heroes HP via the health boost.

Red = Grazul
Like malosi, Grazul is very handy in raiding. I personally think she’s better than malosi as she can shut down more than just the 1 enemy hero special. Grazul is incredibly useful in facing the GTV setup as you can play the board to trigger all three front heroes within 2 turns and essentially come out the other side unscathed thanks to Grazul.

Very much recommend her as the next hero to max out.

Next Steps
You didnt ask this but my advice for the next order of heroes AFTER the above:
Purple - Clarissa > Freya > Khiona
Yellow - Gazelle > Joon > Neith
Blue - Master Lepus > Rumple > Issy & costume) / Snow White
Green - ???
Red - Jean > Puss > Elena/Azlar


@Guvnor this was such a thorough advice, thank you buddy!


@Guvnor quick question, you wouldn’t put Alice over any of those blues you suggested to go after Finley?

Mainly cause I missed her in there :stuck_out_tongue:

I would bump her to after Lepus.

Rumple is heaps of fun from what I have seen & can be a Pain in the ■■■ on defence… Issy (costume) is just devestating when you get her off…

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I would say Zeline woudl be a solid investment for investment. She is fast and has a debuff which would is useful in raiding. Otherwise, I agree with @Guvnor’s recommendations.



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Update: So I pulled Magni’s costume and was able to max it with no problems, so I’m gonna max Vela instead of Finley. Also solved my emblem problems, now each hero in my Defense will be of a different class and I can emblem correctly. Seshat is maxed now, and Grazul is going up. Last one will be yellow and I’m going with Gazelle.

Thanks so much for the advices guys :slight_smile:

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Update: 6 tonics, which green would you guys recommend?

Edit: I see Zeline was previously recommended.


Why not G.Gazelle in yellow? She is just devastating on raid offence and can be backup titan hitter (for unicorns).

And she also blocks status aliments, but not from one source like Malosi, but from all sources.

I Personally don’t have Gazelle so don’t have much experience.

For me, the difference is timing. Malosi = very fast while Gazelle is Average Speed. That is a massive difference when you’re facing a mana slow / blocking hero (e.g. telluria).

Yes, but Gazelle gives devastating +100% Atk and -50% damage, which is huge buff.

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As I said; I don’t have much experience with Gazelle (never had any issues when facing her on defence) AND her devastating special still relies on her being fired…

A good assessment of the tiles required with various debuffs: Mana Generation under buffs / debuffs in offense. It shows the impact on an Average Speed Hero (normally 10 tiles) when subjected to a mana debuff like telluria.