Next Hero Priorities

Hi All,

Below are my heroes. Really struggling to figure out who to work on next and who should get emblems here. Im looking for a ‘why havent you ascended ____ yet’ or ‘____ should be emblemed immediately’ type of answers :slight_smile: Most of my teams revolve around Gazelle, so please keep that in mind when reviewing.

I have 17 Scopes, 13 Tonics, 15 Rings, 6 Darts, and 18 Tabby’s.

Emblems: 2303 Barb, 955 Cleric, 370 Druid, 492 Figther, 1562 Monk, 186 Paladin, 849 Ranger, 2434 Rogue, 2746 Sorcerer, 974 Wizard. Any help is VERY appreciated. Thanks!

I would max Yang
Aouda (and emblem c.Leo)

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Was disliking the mana nerf of Yang/Frosth/Malcina. Aouda is new and C Leo I have to finish non-costumed first (currently priority).

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Leo costume stands out more than anything else

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Yeah, he is my current project. Looking for next.

They still will be very good heroes, I have Yang and Malicna maxed, elemental link is nice bonus but I really like skills themselfs

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Sif I think is worth maxing, she can be a PITA in raiding.
Yang - nope, the nerf is too big, she’s a waste of rings as hits too random and weak. I have her maxed and just reset her, emblems going to Wu Kong!
Kadilen isn’t a bad addition to the roster for war… if you can time her firing so you have her special skill protection before an Azlar, Frigg etc. fires then she can be a life saver.
Alexandrine - good for a B team against the mythic Titan as you already have Jott. She’s also good against the various ailment heroes like Bera.
Don’t even recognise the dark hero at 2.48 so no dark comments…

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Think it’s a blurry pic of Mok-Arr.

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