Next hero or way to improve?

I’ve been saving gems and atlantis coins now for a couple of months and was curious what hero if any I should try for as well as any thoughts on developing myself for higher ranked playing in Raids and AW. I don’t mind spending a little here and there and I buy smart and save up for when I see a good hero and pray a lot for good results lol.
I know a lot depends on current roster and I feel I have a pretty decent assortment of top tier heroes. I have a good assortment of 4* heroes as well, but it seems like developing my 5* roster more is where I’ll be able to grow the most. But I could be wrong.

the ones I have currently leveled or leveling and/or waiting for mats:
GM+4, Guin+1, Ariel+1, Lianna+3, Frida 3-70, Joon 3-51, Obakan 3-70, Ursena 1-33

heroes I hope to begin leveling soon:
Magni, Inari, Azlar, Richard

heroes I’m unsure if I will level:
Margaret, Yunan, Guardian Kong

I think my weakest area is a solid dark hitter to pair with Guin on raid defense as well as helping on Titans and AW. Tiburtus and Proteus have been my main dark heroes and have served well. Ursena seems to have some potential there (at least better than Obakan), but I’d have loved to have a Hel (couldn’t pull her), Kage, or maybe the upcoming Seshat.

For those of you playing at the top end of the game what are your thoughts?
I feel like I’m at least a “top end” of mid-range player or maybe a “low end” of top-range player as I focus on learning strategies and synergy between heroes.
My current goal is to join some of you in the top 100 of raids. 1500 rank was my best so far, but I’ll get there.
in AW I can usually take out 5 of the top teams for my alliance.
for Titans we are only hitting 7* and 8* titans but I usually rank in the top 5 for my alliance.
I have plenty to work on hero wise. If I want to take my playing to a bit better level what should I be doing to improve myself? What heroes or types of heroes if any should I be trying for in the future?
Any advice is welcome.

Glad you asked the question. I have saved 1100 Atlantis coins for next months AR.
So interested in what people say here
But hoping myself for Gravemaker
Good luck

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