Next hero of the month

Does anyone have a picture of Gregorian scarred I would just like to see his numbers so I can be utterly disappointed when I don’t get him next month



Any info on the one for August?

Gregorian has such a dorky face.


Is that blonde facial hair giving him that odd look?

Thanks Wormwood! Appreciate the help.

Doesn’t look very impressive. Looks like I might be saving some money next month LOL

30% increase to Crit chance for all heros isn’t something to quickly dismiss, in my opinion.


He hits as hard as Liana does (Atk) and with better health (HP). Liana’s Special strikes harder but doesn’t have the crit chance. I’m intrigued, comparing them…

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Another green archer character seems a bit weak from a world-building point of view, not that SH have invested heavily in plot!

Following berden and Liana, I think we can move on from the robin hood/legolas vibe; there is a vast, vast ocean of fantasy imagery to draw on.

Gravemaker was a better creative effort.


Interesting point. I don’t have Liana so I wouldn’t know how she performs personally but if you are saying the tile damage is higher than hers then perhaps he may be a considerable option. From the gameplay I have seen of him, he didn’t see very special but I guess we will see when he is released. Personally, the only nature 5* heroes I am personally interested in and would actively pursue would be Liana, Morgan and Locke. I’d love get at least one of these ladies on my roster.

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My highest green tile dmg thus far is from Melendor because I resisted leveling Skittleskull (slow me no likee)…so Lianna or Gregorion would work for me…but Lianna is definitely prettier. :wink:


This hotm is going to be great. Finally can help with the blue titans. Most importantly hes going to make events easier. I’m very excited about this hotm.

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He reminds me of Miguel from the Road to Eldorado



30% crit for everybody sounds bomb. That’s a pretty frikkin big increase.

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If those stats hold, he seems like a great addition. I will definitely go for him.

The crit is a big bonus for titan wukong stacks. Especially with blues
And purples.

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I’ve been waiting to ascend Zeline to her final tier for a long time, and expect to get the final tonic I need in the next round of Shrikewood. Now I have to seriously consider waiting longer, assuming I actually can get Gregorian.

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30% crit increase + wu attack increase = hmmmmm


Having these stats, would someone be ashamed to put him in the middle?

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