Next green?

I guess it’s my turn to ask four your collective wisdom.
These are my green heroes. I don’t have materials for Tarlak (and God knows when I will have them). The question is “which green hero should I grow next?”.
As an additional info I already have Sabina (4.12) and she’s the one currently getting my purple feeders

How many Shields and tonics do you have?

I got 8 tonics and 1 shield.


I’d probably do tarlak as soon as you have 4 shields.


If you need to start another now, I’d go with Melendor. I honestly don’t use in a long therm Caedmon and kashrek on my offense on wars. But I have 2 Melendor and use both when tripling green.
Out of my 6 attacks on wars, 2 will have Melendor + Tarlak + Gregorion and Melendor + Alberich + Lianna
He has awesome attack stats so pairs great with Tarlak (who you have)


Yep, that’s my plan. But in the meantime? I’m 100% monocolor feeder (except for very extreme cases).

So, who do you think should get the green feeders while waiting the materials?

Thanks luiz. That’s a good advice and had I not have already Sabina I would surely have picked up Melendor. Having her on her way to max, I was wondering if I could do better.

You shouldn’t think like this. Believe me, the key for this game is to think about each element separately. You only consider other colors when you are putting up your defense team. And you won’t use Melendor or Sabina on it. So it doesn’t matter.
Anyway you just posted your green heroes and asked about your next green. And that’s how you should consider it. Forget other colors when you’re picking up next to level. Imagine how you will use your green to attack on raids and on blue titans. Then you choose.
However one good advice, as you lack shields and not tonics, is really to wait for tarlak. Or level Mel only to 3/60 and keep him there.

Thanks Luiz.

I guess this also means that nobody thinks high enough of Elanen or Horgall to invest in their growth, right?

They are both OK, when maxed, without being game changers, but given their current level and Tarlac’s priority for the shields, I would definitely vote for Melendor, even if you still need 7 shields before ascending him… but the only real alternative (because of the shields shortage) is LG, and I find Melendor far more useful.

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Melendor for sure 20 characters

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