Next green to level?

Just got done maxing out Hansel. I have 7 shields and 4 tonics. My priorities are: titan, raid offense, raid defense, AW. My roster:

Green - Zeline (max), Caedmon (max), Hansel (max), Melendor (2-25), Kashhrek (1-18). 1-1s – Kadilen, Lianna, Horghall, Peters, Skittleskull, Little John

Red – Gravemaker (4-37), Natalya (3-62), Boldtusk (max), Scarlett (max)

Blue – Alasie (4-56), Kiril (max), Grimm (max), Sonya (4-56)

Purple – Rigard (max), Sartana (3-60), Tiburtus (max), Sabina (max)

Yellow – Wu (max), Delillah (max), Chao (3-50)


how far can you get Lianna?

Although Mel could be a good idea as well to give you a green healer with debuff.

Good question, I edited my post. I have 7 shields and 4 tonics.

I may lean Lianna, by the time you get her there you should probably have the tonics.

Although you can never have enough healers. For the debuff you do have options though (Caed, Sonya, Sabina).

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I’d personally go Melendor for the additional healing, then Lianna, just to be sure of having the tonics when I got to her. You should get the additional shields you need by the time you get two more tonics. Lianna’s very good when maxed, but a textbook case of a 5* at 3/70 being worse than a 4* at 4/70.

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