Next Green to level

I have kingston telluria and alby maxed.
Who would you level next?
Heimdall, lianna or tarlak?
Heimdall looks op but I’d like some feedback from more experienced players.
Thank you

Unless you’re fighting 13 and 14* titans, Tarlak does his job also at 3.70 I’d say…and maybe you also got Miki?

As you already have Albi for resurrection and Telluria as potential tank, I’d vote for Lianna! You can never have too many heavy hitters :grin:


I agree 100% with Serpah.

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Heimdall indeed is excellent… But with Telluria already on the bench, he’s not a priority.

Multiple snipers is never a bad thing, so Lianna is very much an option.

Tarlak is great on titans, but Miki is better and you don’t necessarily need either maxed until you get into higher level titans.


I’m fighting 9 stars titans atm, i dont have Miki yet but gonna chase him as soon as he’s available.
I was thinking to get tarlak to 70, my doubt was between lianna and heimdall cuz today i pulled the latest with coins, tried him on the class quest and he surprised me.
But well guess snipers are never enough.
Thanks for the feedback this far

If you don’t have Miki, I’d get Tarlak atleast 3.70 as a priority… I’d probably max him too, but that’s me :+1:


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