Next green limit break

  • C Lianna
  • Phileas Fogg
  • C Yunan
  • Silvaria

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Fogg is useful all over. Elemental down, HIGH tile count for titans and dispelling buff from Krampus. All sorts of great skills!


If you spend I’d suggest holding off for a better option :man_shrugging:

Without any other info, I’d go with Fogg in a heartbeat. I broke mine. :slight_smile:

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I don’t like fogg as a sniper… He doesn’t hit as hard as domitia who also dispels nor costume Sartana… And when i have defense down and elemental def down… And he only hits for 1100… And sart is hitting for 1500 under similar conditions… It just leaves me cold.

I pair costume yunan with Xnolphod. I can get motega to go off in two tiles, hanitra off in 3, and xnol yun and other slows in 6.

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Fogg dispels before hitting. Domitia doesn’t. Additionally his EDD is causing more damage than just his hits. As for C. Sartana, hitting hard is absolutely all she does. Sometimes that’s all you need, but it’s not a fair comparison to look at the straight damage numbers.

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I like my snipers to kill… Not to setup the next person to finish off the hero. I’m aware of what fogg does… And what I’m saying is… I don’t like it.

If my snipers don’t kill… Then i might as well use almur who gives edd to 3 heroes and sets up kills.