Next Green hero

Who would you choose out of the following to max. I use mono green to raid and currently use lianna, Kingston, Evelyn, Caedmon costume and Telluria. All are emblemed except cademon.

My options are,
2nd lianna
Morgan le Fay

I use tell on defense in a rainbow defence.

Thanks in advance for the replys

Ohhh Atomos is great with his last buff and his AoE will be much better with Evelyn around. You don’t have many AoE heroes so having him would be useful

I have a love for high DoE heroes despite them not getting that much love. Morgan is a fantastic survival hero who is damn hard to kill, though she doesn’t have much synergy with other heroes. Though she shines when you can properly give her the emblems she needs. I think Morgan is better off as the sole color hero in a 3-1-1, 4-1, or rainbow color team.

If this hero is solely for mono team, Atomos without a doubt. Atomos is also great in offense and defense so you can’t go wrong there. If you want a bit of fun chaos, can allocate the emblems, and looking outside of mono teams, I’d also say Morgan

Atomos for sure. Won’t take over Telly on Defense, but with those green snipers you need a hero to weaken all five of the enemy.


If for raids atomos
But mlf is pretty cool

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