Next green hero to level up?

I’ve got 5 mysterious tonics and I’m starting to think about who I should max out next.

Here are my options.
Horghall- currently tier 3 level 70
Margaret- currently tier 3 level 5
Atomos- unleveled
Mad Hatter- unleveled.

Here is who I already have maxed.
Mother North- 9 emblems
Lianna- 0 emblems.

I’m leaning towards the hatter. Thoughts? Also, let me end by apologizing if this shouldn’t have been a separate thread.

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Definitely go the Hatter…

Atomos is widely regarded as being underwhelming… His Damage is pretty low and his revive is a) only on himself and b) dispellable.
Margaret is really just a titan specialist… not much beyond that…
Horghall also has a low damage output. Comparable to Atomos really.

That leaves only Hatter :wink:
Hatter is pretty fun to play with. Great counter to Aegir as he will steal all that defence buff & damage share and give it to your team.


What @Guvnor said for sure.

Mad Hatter all the way!!!

Best of luck :pirate_flag::sunglasses::metal:t3:


The only one I would consider is Hatter.


There’s no competition here. The Hatter hands down.


Thank you all. Hatter sounds like the clear way to go. Appreciate it.

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In my honest opinion, max out Mad Hatter 100%. Good luck.


If this were a poll it would be 100% Hatter

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