Next Green 5⭐️

Which should be the next Green 5⭐️ that I level?

Assuming you have no costumes and this is for offense only? Lady Locke can do some damage in a number of areas. That would be my vote.

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Agreed, Lady Locke. She’s good offensively but on defense is more of a pain IMO.

Lady locke

No costumes and just needed another green for ToL

Can’t go wrong with Locke then…

In my honest opinion your choice is (a) go with a risk of maxing Kadilen and hope for a costume pull or (b) go with a certainty and max Lady Locke.
If it was me I would go with Lady.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Without costume for Kadilen…

Locke is squishy but she contributes huge tile damage (great for your titan lineup) and over 2600 damage across three enemies (and getting way over 3000 with emblems!) - yes it can be cleansed but when you’re the attacker, you control timing (and her stats distribution is not at all suited to defence anyway).

On top of that, Locke gives you a cleanser at average speed - something no other green hero can offer you.

This really, really isn’t close.

It’s Locke all day long… and I’d do two or three Locke’s before first uncostumed Kadilen.


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