Next Green 5* to ascend: 2nd Telly, Hatter, Yunan?

Hello folks,

Here my current green roster:

Evelynn, Lianna, Kingston, Telluria

My choice for next ascension in my current order preference:
2nd Telluria
The Hatter
Kadilen (no costume)
2nd Lianna
Horghall (lol)

I have as a silly idea to try a defense like XXX-Vela-Telly-Telly/Yunan-GM

What are your thoughts?

Based on what you have, I wouldn’t do Yunan. Yunan is a tank and Telly blows him away. I’d probably do Hatter. He’s fun to use and variety adds a lot to the enjoyment of the game.

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Hatter for some variety, he is great hero

Def team with 3 greens in middle isn’t good Idea, rainbow and 2-1-1-1 defences are best


Yeah I’d vote hatter I kinda like fun hero’s but depends on how competitive you are

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I’m a big fan of variety, so I wouldn’t go for a 2nd Telluria or Lianna (I have 1 virgin Telly and 3 virgin Liannas on my bench…great heroes but I can’t see leveling a dupe of either soon). I agree with the above posters. The Hatter is fun and his effect can be devastating.

In my honest opinion it would be no to Yunan and no to duplicate Telluria.
I would be tempted by a duplicate Lianna.
But I much prefer variety so would recommend that you go with the Hatter
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I would give my vote to yunan. Vastly underrated as original green tank. If he fires, it’s going to be nasty. Even on offence, you can stack sand DOT with poison and burn. If not then go for hatter, unique skill

2nd telly is a no why woould you even consider it?She is only good in defence and sux in everything else.
2 nd liana is always good choice but i guess hatter is better in your case.