Next fire hero to ascend

I should have 6 rings end of the month and want people’s thoughts on who they think would be better to use my rings .

All three have their uses
Yang mai with elemental link for mana
Nemo with the bigger hit with status effect
Zenobia hitting flanks and also adds effect to the fire gems .

I’m leaning to Zenobia as may have more versatility and game changing effect with the gem buff .

What is everyone’s thoughts

  • Yang mai
  • Zenobia
  • Captain nemo

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Heroes that boost tiles are amazing for offense. Go with Z

20 characters to say Zenobia :wink:

Without other info I voted Yang. If you’re an early game player. Zenobia at 3/70 odds I’ll suffice and I’d rather have a hero more suited for raids like Yang.

If you have any sort of decently fast lineup already, then I’d go Zenobia.

Nemo is a clear third to me.

Top two are obviously Yang Mai and Zenobia.
You best choice depends on your current roster.
But at face value I went with who would be best for me and that was Zenobia.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Congratulations on getting Zenobia. Don’t forget she will be useful against green titans. :wink:

My vote goes to her.

Thanks I have decent fire line up … and was leaning towards Zenobia , but heat to get confirmation from others . thanks

Both yang mai and zeno are great together, since the mana gain zeno gets from YM can be extended by 1 turn

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