Next Event

I heard that the next event will be a return of the Guardians.

Can anyone else confirm this?


It’s supposed to be, starting Thursday

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Yes, Petri confirmed that Guardians will arrive on the 12th.


Sweet anyone know the ascension items? I forget. I need one tabard and one ring. I can’t swing the latest 100$ offer. Thanks

There are only 3* mats for completion, and I don’t remember the 4* mats for placing. Good on you for not caving to the offer :+1:.

Did you cave in yourself? :slight_smile:

Not yet, but I’ll start drinking about 2 hours before it goes away so it’ll be tough :beer: :smile:. I’m also sitting on 6 more rings and 3 more tabbards than I can use.

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Marj needs her last ring and i’m up $110 on my poker game right now. Maybe I should cash out now. Hahaha

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I hope I get this problem in the future xD

Believe me, I wish I had the heroes to give them to.

Guardians of Teltoc on the 12th

I guess thats the neverending circle of this game, we both are just on different steps atm xD

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I hope they change the prizes for tier completion!

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