Next event is?

Does anyone know what the next event will be? I can recall Knights as the last one and Guardians the one before. Are we up for Pirates again or will we have the Fairy tale one with Red hood?

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Not 100% sure but I believe it’s pirates…

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Pirates of Corellia is September’s event

Guide to the events by @ Mariamne


THanks for the quick response

We miss a green event. I personally would change the fables into green and have a red fire themed event… But this is not possible, because Red hood is red…

Saving event, the heroes are so trash that they are not worth a gem none

Yeas agree but the ascension materials are worth it:)

I beg to disagree. Cabin boy peters is amazing. I beat avalon bosses easily with him

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cabin is a 4 * of medium and concrete utility, like wilbur or lancelot, does not deserve to spend money only for him

If they would fix the Season 2 portal, I would advise those spending money to save their money for that. The heroes in S2 are so much cooler. :slight_smile:

However, I cannot condone spending any money on S2.